We are launching a new development in Poland with more than 200 homes

Promoción obra nueva Wroclaw Nowe Zerniki

We are pleased to announce that we have started marketing our new project in Poland, in the city of Wrocław.

The development is located in the newly developed neighbourhood “Nowe Zerniki”, on Bieńkowskiego Street.

This new district of the city is a unique case in the urban development of the city as its planning was the result of the collaboration between the municipality of Wrocław and about 40 architects of the city.

This new project comprises two phases with a total of 279 new homes.

The first phase, already under construction, consists of 98 homes, 4 commercial premises and 86 parking spaces located in an underground car park. It is a welcoming, low-rise architecture where the buildings are located around a central courtyard open to the south, which increases the brightness of the dwellings. The green areas, in turn, are divided into those for general access and those for private use, creating a natural barrier that increases the privacy and comfort of the residents on the ground floor.

Existing services in the area include:

  • Modernised tram lines, with fast connection to the city centre.
  • City bus stops.
  • 2-lane avenue undergoing modernisation.
  • Recreation area and public toilets in the northern part.
  • General hospital T. Marciniaka.
  • City football stadium (2 km).

In addition, the following actions are planned in the area:

  • New tram lines.
  • New Dolnysląsk Oncology Hospital (1.8 km).
  • Green boulevard with recreation area in front of the development.
  • Primary and nursery school.
  • Regional sports centre, including football academy (1 km).

Promoción obra nueva Wroclaw Nowe Zerniki

This is our fourth development in the city of Wrocław, having delivered around 800 new homes in this city to date and where we plan to develop a further 200 homes in another development in the near future.

This is a further step in the development of our activity in Poland, a country where we have been present since 2005 and where we have previously completed promotions and urban developments in the cities of Warsaw and Krakow. 

Find out more about our offer in Poland at www.bienkowskiego.pl

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